CollisionDoc Is An I-Car Gold Collision Repair Shop!
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CollisionDoc is pleased to announce that it is an I-CAR Gold Card-Certified auto body repair shop!

We are thrilled to announce that CollisionDoc San Diego is an I-CAR Gold Class Collision Repair Shop! You may be wondering what this certificate means, so let us explain.

The auto body repair industry is constantly evolving with the introduction of new technologies in vehicle manufacturing. Every year, vehicles are becoming lighter, stronger, and safer, thanks to advanced materials and features. The latest car models come with advanced crumple zones, new types of plastics, aluminum body panels, lightweight materials, carbon, advanced aerodynamics, and more complex designs. As vehicles become more complex, so do the repairs.

The auto body repair industry needs to stay up-to-date with these new materials and technologies to repair them safely and efficiently. Even in relatively simple repairs, several factors must be considered, and a high skill level is required to achieve a high-quality repair. It takes a trained eye to identify damage that is not immediately visible and determine what can be repaired safely and what needs to be replaced.

I-CAR Gold Class certification is the industry standard for ongoing training. I-CAR estimates that less than 15% of collision repair businesses in the United States meet this standard. Gold Class certification requires technicians to be trained in the proper repair techniques and procedures. Apart from initial training and testing to achieve the certification, I-CAR provides ongoing role-specific training for every employee repairing vehicles. We recognize the importance of having up-to-date repair knowledge for the safety of our customers’ vehicles and, most importantly, our customers themselves. We are proud to have achieved this certification, demonstrating our commitment to our customers!