Auto Detailing


Auto Detailing

One of the most leisurely maintenance activities to protect your car’s appearance is keeping it clean. Auto detailing with CollisionDoc provides a comprehensive cleaning of your interior and exterior. Removing dirt and minor scratches and buffing out those dull spots, your exterior is polished and shined to showroom condition. Meanwhile, your interior will be deep cleaned and conditioned.


Here at CollisionDoc in San Diego, CA, we are the trusted choice for professional revitalization and auto detailing services. Detailing and cleaning your car will ensure that its appearance is kept like new, protecting your investment. Rest assured, we have the tools, products, and equipment necessary to restore your car to its best, regardless of make or model.
When detailing your vehicle, our trusted professionals only use the best quality parts and innovative methods to guarantee that your vehicle is always handled with care. Our detailing services include both interior and exterior, including cleaning services. Our interior deep cleaning and conditioning service makes your upholstery look new. Our external services are perfect for removing minor scratches dirt, and buffing dull spots.
When you choose CollisionDoc, you can have peace of mind knowing that we use only environmentally friendly products to do our part in protecting the environment. We also use an innovative process to ensure your vehicle receives unmatched cleaning services. Our methods include using clay bars to remove tree sap, paint overspray, and other pollutants from your vehicle’s exterior. Clay bars are also great at eliminating blemishes from metal surfaces, glass, and plastic. High-speed polishing treatments are also available to remove any blemishes or minor scratches.
A full-service detailing at CollisionDoc will leave your vehicle looking like it hasn’t been driven a day! You’ll extend the overall lifespan of your vehicle, protect its exterior, and ensure that you receive the highest resale value in the future. When it comes to car detailing, choose the experts who will handle your vehicle’s cleaning with the utmost professionalism.
Our Auto Detailing Packages include:
●Exterior and Interior Details 
●Clay Bar Application
●Express Detailing Services
●Full Service Detailing Services
If you’re looking for quality car detailing services, look no further than CollisionDoc in San Diego.